#10: Rod Dreher - “The Benedict Option” (Part 1)

April 3, 2017

Rod Dreher discusses his book and the concept behind "The Benedict Option" ... This is just part one of a two-parter.  This episode focuses on how the Benedict Option interacts with culture.  Episode 2 will focus on how the Benedict Option intersects with education and collegiate contexts. Brace yourselves!


#9: Jonathan Yarboro - “Principals, Backpacks, and Bill Gates”

March 18, 2017

Tom Knight and Jonathan Yarboro discuss the frontier mission field of the early college high school context. Packed full of good nuggets regarding this often ignored mission field, make sure to have a notebook handy!

To sign up for the early college webinar click here: NoCampusLeft.com



#8: Chase Jenkins - “Reaching the Nations Here”

March 11, 2017

Tom Knight interview Chase Jenkins from First Baptist Church of Durham, NC about international student ministry and reaching the nations here. There is a lot packed in this one, so get ready....  


#7: Dave Turner & Elizabeth Hughes - “Puppies, Popsicles, and the Importance of Freshmen”

February 24, 2017

Tom Knight interviews Dave Turner and Elizabeth Hughes from Summit Church (Raleigh-Durham, NC) college ministry. They discuss the importance of reaching freshmen, their "Fresh Ten," puppies, and popsicles.


#6: Scott Kilby - “Building a Support Team in Six Months!!”

February 8, 2017
(18:56) Tom Knight interviews Scott Kilby from Baptist Campus Ministry of the High Country, located in Boone, NC. Scott quickly learned that he needed a team to support the ministry he was accomplishing with college students and set about building that team. He shares his story of how God worked. final-scott-kilby⋅⋅


#5: Lucas Aube - “Ministry Beyond Secularism”

January 16, 2017
(30:54) Tom Knight interviews Lucas Aube with Encounter Student Ministries at Bishops University in Quebec. They discuss what it’s like to do ministry in a secular culture with practical applications for various ministry contexts. 4-lucas-aube⋅⋅


#4: Mike Puckett & Anna Kilby - “Creating a Grit Culture”

December 9, 2016
(30:10) Tom Knight interviews Mike Puckett and Anna Kilby, from BCM of the High Country, a collegiate ministry in the mountains of North Carolina. They discuss their story and how they developed a culture of “grit” through adversity.


#3: Tyson Langhofer - “The Freedom of Speech on Campus (Part 2)”

October 4, 2016
(28:35) Tom Knight interviews Tyson Langhofer, from Alliance Defending Freedom, regarding the recent legal decision against North Carolina State University for free speech violations. See Part 1 with Ed Russ.


#2: Ed Russ - “The Freedom of Speech on Campus (Part 1)”

September 19, 2016
(26:24) Tom Knight interviews co-Pastor of Grace Church, Ed Russ, regarding the recent legal decision against North Carolina State University for free speech violations.



#1: Stephen Lutz - An Interview (A look back and forward)

September 6, 2016
(25:26) Tom Knight interviews author and collegiate influencer Stephen Lutz, five years after publishing his book, “Collegiate Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture”  ⋅